Core Competencies

Transportation, Transportation Solutions, Transportation Management

Our transportation offerings are structured with your service needs and financial protection foremost in mind. The resources of our team members ensures high efficiency, high standard of services to our customers.
 * Flatbed cargo
* Over-dimensional shipments
* Heavy Haul Loads

* Specialty Transportation

Construction, Construction Management

In analyzing specific needs of our customers, Phoenix Systems International, Inc., is able to partner closely with each individual to determine proper specifications and resources needed to fulfill each contract above expectations. PSI team of professionals uses specialized project management

techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end. We strive to control a project's time, cost and quality. Our team of officers works closely to ensure correct resources are aligned properly for each job.  

* Industrial Building Construction

* Commercial and Industrial Building Construction

Facility Maintenance, Facility Management

Our seasoned professionals offer your team the highest quality hands-on service and support, providing scalable and customized facilities services solutions to help keep your business and budget on track.  PSI promotes financial stewardship, and defines financial responsibility for work requested of our team of professionals. We focus on resources to provide reliability of building equipment, ensure building infrastructure integrity, and mitigate critical life safety concerns related to facilities upkeep.

*  Preventative Maintenance

​*  Corrective Maintenance

*  Support Maintenance

*  Emergency Maintenance

 Management Consulting

In this arena, Phoenix Systems International, Inc. brings over 50 years of management experience to partner with organizations in achieving their organizational goals through process improvement and resource utilization. Working with every level of management, we focus on all organizational and cultural issues, with a special emphasis on developing accountability and leadership at the employee and front-line supervisory levels.

* Change Management
* Process Improvement
* Performance Management
* Management Training

Phoenix Systems International, Inc.


To Deliver High Quality, Competitive Services That Are Best In Value for Our Customer's Strategic Growth.